What has the current majority council done for Vallejo (that Jump Start so harshly criticizes)?

Since being sworn in, the current majority city council has been responsible for the following actions:
  • Hiring a new City Manager, Dan Keen, who is turning the city around.
  • Hiring a new City Attorney, Claudia Quintana, who is turning our neighborhoods around with the Neighborhood Law Program.
  • Budgeted for currently hiring 15 more police officers.
  • Approved the Neighborhood Law Program.
  • Funded the Community Emergency Response Team program.
  • Supported the SAFER Grant and hired more firefighters.
  • Established an Ad-Hoc Citizen Public Safety Committee to research, study and report on best practices in police and fire safety in order to improve city-wide public safety services.
  • Approved Solano 360 Project for development of our County Fairgrounds.
  • Approved Winco Project.
  • Approved the first city-wide Participatory Budgeting process in the United States and funded several public safety, economic development, infrastructure and quality of life projects through out the city.
  • Approved funding for a comprehensive General Plan and Zoning Ordinance update after 30 years!
  • ~ Partial List ~


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