Why is Jump Start Vallejo bad for the future of the city?

Jump Start Vallejo is a Political Action Committee endorsed by those organizations and individuals who either helped send Vallejo into bankruptcy or nearly kept the city there.

The Napa-Solano Labor Council and its labor endorsers asked Vallejo City Council candidates in their endorsement interviews whether they'd be willing to place Binding Interest Arbitration (BIA) back on the ballot. Clearly, they found four candidates willing to do just that--Dew, Malgapo, Summers and Verder-Aliga. BIA is bad for Vallejo because it takes power to negotiate labor contracts away from your staff and elected officials and puts it into the hands of someone from outside Vallejo who has no mandate to consider the financial well being of Vallejo when choosing which of the bargaining sides to support.

Jump Start Vallejo is financially supported by numerous local labor unions, as well as the San Francisco Fire Fighters (PAC) and the California Realtors Association PAC in Los Angeles. Both of these PACs contributed $5,000 and $8,000 to Jump Start, respectively.

Why would these outside PACs contribute to a local city council race in Vallejo? Because San Francisco has BIA in its charter and the SF Fire Fighters don't want San Franciscans to vote it out of their charter the way Vallejo did in 2010, and the Realtors Association does not want cities establishing local ordinances that could hurt their bottom line (e.g., fee based real estate programs and structures that hold absentee and blighted property owners accountable).

BIA is a large part of the reason the City of Vallejo ended up in bankruptcy. By putting BIA back in the City's charter and forcing future council's to be subjected to using an outside arbitrator to resolve potential labor disputes, we face increased and out of control employee salaries and pensions. The very same out of control labor contracts that helped put us in bankruptcy to begin with.

Other backers of Jump Start Vallejo include the Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Realtors and the Democratic Central Committee.

Over the years, the Chamber of Commerce has repeatedly demonstrated that they will accept any development in any location and at any cost even if it means selling a portion of the waterfront for $1 (a plan they backed last summer). Evidently, they are supporting the four Jump Start Vallejo candidates, because they think, like the Chamber - any development at any cost is good for Vallejo.

With nearly $12,000 in real estate PAC contributions to this campaign so far, the Board of Realtors is aggressively backing candidates who support as few real estate regulations as possible, such as a rental inspections or foreclosure programs. They want to operate "unfettered" free of any local regulations and fee structures. Again, the California Board of Realtors found the same four Jump Start candidates willing participants in NOT holding out-of-town property owners accountable for the management of their properties.

And, lastly, the Democratic Central Committee, supports Jump Start, because they want power. They want to be at the center of the perceived "winning team." They want power so much that the Committee undermined the National Party Platform and endorsed an anti-choice candidate in this year's Vallejo City Council race.

Jump Start Vallejo is bad for Vallejo, because it stands for putting BIA back in the charter and sending the city back into bankruptcy; selling the best parts of the city for $1; allowing out-of-town property owners to manage their properties without accountability and/or responsibility to those of us who live in Vallejo; and creating a City Council likely to approve more unaffordable labor contracts when the city needs $8 million in concessions to balance the budget. Vote "NO" on Jump Start Vallejo and the candidates they endorse.


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