Vallejo Election Financing and Financial Reporting

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) requires all candidates and Political Action Committees (PACs) to file semiannual reports detailing all contributions and expenditures. These reports are normally filed with the City Clerk but they may be filed with the County or the Secretary of State in Sacramento, and they must be available for public inspection.
This article highlights the PACS that engage in local Vallejo elections, the funds they have contributed to campaigns and the funds raised by the candidate committees.

Police, Fire and other Union PACs

2013 Election
In 2013 Jump Start Vallejo was formed with major contributions from the public safety unions, the California Real Estate PAC and other unions. As of 12/31/13 Jump Start Vallejo had received $115,150 in contributions including $25,000 from the Vallejo Police Officers PAC, $19,500 from the Vallejo Firefighters PAC, $10,625 from Callahan Property Co., $10,510 from Napa Solano Central Labor, $8,000 from the California Real Estate PAC in Los Angeles, $6,500 from IBEW PAC Education Fund, $5,000 from the San Francisco Firefighters PAC, $5,000 from the San Mateo Firefighters PAC, $5,000 from the Sheet Metal Workers PAC in San Ramon, $5,000 from the Peace Officers Association of Calif and $5,000 from the Teamsters DRIVE PAC in Washington DC. Jump Start spent $24,561 each to support Pippin Dew, Jess Malgapo, Anthony Summers and Rozzana Verder-Aliga ($98,244 total). They also spent $5,971 each against Katy Miessner, Liat Meitzenheimer and Joanne Schivley ($17,913 total)
Past Elections
In past elections the unions have spent heavily on selected candidates to help get a union friendly council elected. In 2007 the unions formed United Workers for Local Government PAC #1297806 and raised $195,411 for elections in Solano County. Vallejo Firefighters Local 1186 PAC contributed $79,500 and the Vallejo Police Officers Association (VPOA) PAC contributed $32,000. Other state and local unions contributed the remainder. This PAC was terminated 7/31/09 and was not active in the 2009 elections.

VALPAC Chamber of Commerce PAC

The Vallejo Chamber of Commerce has been active in local elections and has supported selected candidates. In 2013 they are supporting the same candidates as Jump Start Vallejo and the California Board of Realtors. The Chamber has historically been friendly to union interests, and in 2007, co-hosted a Candidates Forum with the Labor United Workers for Local Government PAC at Cal Maritime. VALPAC files its reports with the Vallejo City Clerk.

2007 Elections

The 2007 elections were the most expensive in Vallejo's history. There were three council seats plus the Mayor up for election. The following table shows the amount of money raised by the candidate committees and the "Independent Expenditures" made by the United Workers for Local Government PAC and the Chamber of Commerce PAC:

Money Raised in 2007 Elections
Candidate Committees United Workers for Local Government Total Raised VALPAC Contributions Directly to Candidates
Pam Pitts $92,515
Osby Davis $81,518 $81,518
Gary Cloutier $77,378 $77,378
City Council
Michael Wilson $80,445
Erin Hannigan $75,758
Joanne Schivley $25,073 $25,073

2009 Elections

The 2009 elections were not as expensive and the unions did not use the United Workers for Local Government PAC. They did however make contributions to individual candidates. The following table shows the amount (cash and noncash) raised by each candidate's committee:
Money Raised in 2009 Elections
Hermie Sunga $57,112
Marti Brown $52,005
Tom Bartee $51,182
Stephanie Gomes $34,373
Marie Punkie Nelson $21,921
Jonathan Logan $19,107

VALPAC Chamber of Commerce contributed $3,000 each to Tom Bartee and Hermie Sunga in the above totals.

2010 Binding Arbitration Measure A

In 2010 the city voted on Measure A to remove binding arbitration from the Vallejo City Charter.

$158,325 was raised in total by PACs to unsuccessfully defeat Measure A. The Vallejo Police Officers Association formed Citizens for a Safe Vallejo - No on Measure A - PAC#1325408 and raised $117,663 to oppose the measure. Of this amount, the VPOA contributed $42,099 and various other unions contributed the balance. In addition the Coalition for a Safer California - PAC#1306339 spent $40,662 on media buys opposing this local Vallejo measure. This PAC was funded by various state unions including the Prison Guards and several Police Officer Associations from around the state. In contrast the Committee to Remove Binding Arbitration PAC #1305448 raised $14,252 - less than 10% of what these powerful PACs raised, to successfully support the measure. The vote was very close with 9,315 in favor and 8,856 opposed. That translates into a cost of only $1.53 for each winning vote for Measure A, with $17.88 spent for each vote against Measure A.

2011 Elections

In 2011 the elections were again not as expensive as in 2007

Money Raised in 2011 Elections
Osby Davis $54,090
Jess Malgapo $47,812
Erin Hannigan $32,945
Bob Sampayan $25,542
Robert McConnell $23,138

2013 Elections

In 2013 the election financing was similar to 2007 with the unions playing a major role

Money Raised in 2013 Elections
Jump Start Vallejo PAC $126,472
Chris Platzer $101,723
Jess Malgapo $65,282
Pippin Dew $53,118
Katy Miessner $43,479
Rozzana Verder-Aliga $37,518
Liat Meitzenheimer $21,705
Tony Summers $21,111
Joanne Schivley $17,369

It takes money to get elected. Show support for your candidate of choice by donating to their campaign committees. Beware of Special Interest PACs that make significant contributions to local candidates. They will be expecting favorable votes on issues impacting their members.


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