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2016 Vallejo Elections

  • How much money have the candidates raised for the November 2016 election?

  • Who are the Major Donors to the 2016 Election Campaign Committees?

  • 2013 City Council Election

  • Why did CFV only endorse Miessner, Meitzenheimer and Schivley?

  • Why is Jump Start Vallejo bad for the future of the city?

  • What has the current majority council done for Vallejo (that Jump Start so harshly criticizes)?

  • Vallejo City Financial Information

  • Why is fiscal responsibility still so important even now that we've exited bankruptcy?

  • If Vallejo's police department salaries and benefits were equal to Fairfield or Vacaville, would Vallejo have $12 to $14 million more for vital services like more cops on the street, fixing potholes or funding economic development?

  • How much money did Vallejo employees earn in 2012?

  • What is the average cost per employee?

  • Salaries and Benefits make up 81% of Vallejo's General Fund expenditures. What are the terms and conditions of these contracts and when will they be renegotiated?

  • Vallejo's Unfunded Pension Liability is $166 Million and the unfunded post retirement benefit (primarily retiree health care) is $23 million. What caused this problem and what can be done to fix it?

  • Election Financing

  • How much money have the candidates raised for the 2018 election?

  • How are Vallejo Elections Financed?

  • How Much Money did the Candidates Raise for the November 2013 election?

  • How much money have PACs and major donors spent on the 2013 City Council election?


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