Citizens for Vallejo Endorse Miessner for City Council; Cayangyang and Yeap for School Board in November 2018 election

Citizens For Vallejo Endorse Sampayan, McConnell, Meitzenheimer and Diaz, and Cayangyang, Fox and Kearney-Brown in November 2016 election

Vote Bob Sampayan for Mayor

Vote Robert McConnell, Liat Meitzenheimer and Mina Diaz for City Council

Vote Ruscal Cayangyang for School Board (2-year term), and John Fox and Marianne Kearney-Brown for School Board (4-year terms)

President Karol Heppe said after holding a forum at the Springbrook Masonic Temple on September 25, the group came to a decision quickly, based on the candidates' views, "Vallejo needs strong leaders who are committed to moving the city forward, who are willing to take all necessary actions to prevent the City from slipping back into bankruptcy, and who will protect the city from predatory developers." Bob Sampayan, Robert McConnell, Liat Meitzenheimer and Mina Diaz are the only candidates who have demonstrated that their focus as council members will be as a representative to all Vallejoan's and not to special interests. "These candidates have demonstrated and or articulated a willingness to be responsible fiscal stewards of Vallejo's budget and the newly updated General Plan. Vallejo needs fiscally responsible individuals who are not beholden to special interests and who respect the voice of all Vallejo residents. That's why we endorse these candidates," said CfV treasurer Paul Norberg.

Bob Sampayan has a long history of community service, he will represent all Vallejoans', he is committed to balancing Vallejo's budget and focusing on long term financial sustainability. Bob has demonstrated the courage to make the decisions that will promote these goals.

Robert McConnell has demonstrated extraordinary problem solving leadership qualities that have moved Vallejo forward. Robert understands Vallejo's issues and is not tied to special interests that want to control the city.

Liat Metzenheimer is committed to open communication and transparency in government, respects and is dedicated to operating within the updated General Plan as a guide for future development, and is committed to the inclusion of the public in the administration of our local government.

Mina Diaz has expressed and demonstrated values that CfV believe make for a stronger and better community, including communication and teamwork. These values assure that Mina's decisions on council will encompass the interests of all residents of Vallejo and not those of special interest groups set on promoting their agenda at the expense of the rest of us.

CfV endorses Ruscal Cayangyang, John Fox and Marianne Kearney-Brown for School Board because these candidates have demonstrated that they are committed to all the members of the district including the teachers and the community. These candidates have demonstrated that they can speak truth to power and do not cower in the face of adversity. "More than anything, our school district needs leaders who take responsibility for their actions, promote transparency and are responsive to the communities needs," said CfV member and life-long educator Jane Ferrier.


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