Contact Information

Citizens for Vallejo
P.O. Box 6042
Vallejo, CA 94591


Karol Heppe, President
Paul Norberg, Treasurer

Directors in Addition to Officers

Dennis Albright
Jane Ferrier
Jimmy Genn
Liat Meitzenheimer

Citizens For Vallejo (CFV) is a Political Action Committee formed by Vallejo residents who want to ensure that candidates and incumbents demonstrate leadership qualities that advance the City of Vallejo.

Citizens for Vallejo was formed in 2011 and has supported or opposed various Ballot Measures and Candidates for Mayor and City Council.

2018 Supported Miessner for City Council; Cayangyang and Yeap for School Board for November 2018 election
Supported Sampayan, McConnell, Meitzenheimer and Diaz, and Cayangyang, Fox and Kearney-Brown for November 2016 elections
Sponsored a Candidate Forum at the Springbrook Masonic Lodge

Sponsored a Candidate Forum at the Springrook Masonic Lodge
Opposed Measure B increasing the City sales tax by 1%
Supported Measure C Regulating the Sale of Medical Marijuana
Supported Robert McConnell and Bob Sampayan for City Council
Supported Joanne Schivley for Mayor

Supported Katy Miessner, Liat Meitzenheimer and Joanne Schivley for City Council

Core Values

In order to identify the best leaders, CFV has developed a set of core values to use as a yardstick and measure the leadership qualities of the candidates. These values include leadership and vision, economic development, fiscal responsibility, public safety, transparency in government, education, civil rights and arts and culture. CFV believes that this is a fair and unbiased method that will reveal to the Vallejo community those candidates best suited to lead Vallejo in the city's most critical and fragile time of its history. If we are going to improve our quality of life in Vallejo we need smart, compassionate, and respectful leaders.

CFV believes that Vallejo needs leaders who have viable economic development and financial plans for Vallejo, will move Vallejo forward, and have the skills to guide us there.


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